In Memory

Margit Nagy (Pierce)

Margit Nagy (Pierce)

(August 26, 1942 - March 31, 2019)

Eva Toth Magyar wrote:

I just found out about my friend’s passing. Margie was diagnosed with MS in the late 1980’s. Even though wheelchair bound, she had a good many years (15- 20) when her husband Tom took care of her and they actually had a degree of quality lifestyle, in that they traveled some and socialized. This was until Tom passed. Shortly after that, she ended up in a nursing home.

She met the difficult years with dignity and found comfort in her religion.  She is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, Joe and Jody, and a brother. Gabor Nagy, and his family.

I took the above photo of her on my last visit.

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Anne O'Neill (Horst)

I heard of Margie's passing through Eva last month.  I had not gotten a letter in some time and Margie and I had been pen-pals for many years.  Although she was in a facility, she always came up with some story of interest for me in her letters. If I didn't hear back for a whle, I'd contact Eva to make sure Margie was okay, just busy.

My memory from FLHS with Margit/Margie was that she taught me to do a pike head-stand, I'd never seen one before and thought it was quite an athletic feat.

RIP Margie.

Anne O'Neill Horst

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